A Busy Board

If you have spent any amount of time with a toddler you know that “busy” is a perfect word to describe them. Both of my little ones have been very busy little ones. They LOVE to push buttons on the DVD player or turn the dial on the fan or the oven. They love to flip light switches and open cabinet doors. Between about 12-24 months my little ones wanted to play with everything in the house except their toys. Nothing was off limits the plastic bowels and measuring cups under the sink, pots and pans, you get the idea. So when my mom showed me this I knew it would be the perfect board to keep my little ones busy. It was a hit with both my kids and my nephew. 

This is the finished board, no handy husband did not make this one. My handy dad actually put this together at the encouragement of my mom. She saw it on Pinterest and wanted one for her house. 

My mom and dad went to Lowes and bought all kind of fun items they thought the kids would enjoy exploring and playing with. You wouldn’t have to buy them new. Look around your house and see what old items you can find laying around in drawers and cabinets or hiding in the garage.

Here are the kids investigating the board. To make it more appealing my dad painting it bright contrasting colors. 

Pip spent a long time investigating and playing with the various items. She was a big fan!! 

Dad put a few different types of locks on the board and a light switch. 

He also put a light and a door bell to add visual and auditory stimulation. 

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