Childhood Is……..

We have had a VERY long winter!! Full of ice, snow and freezing temperatures, in the past month our kids have only gone to school eight days thanks to the wintery weather. So needless to say we are ready for spring!!! It has finally started warming up but with the warm up has come rain. Finally today the birds are singing and the sun is shining. As I write this I have my windows open and the fresh air is incredibly motivating and makes me so excited for the spring and summer to come. I can’t wait to get the kids outside and let them play!!! I came across this wonderful blog called 100 Hours Outside. The blog post that caught my eye was called “Maybe Childhood Should Not Be Measured By Test Scores and Percentiles, but by….” I LOVE this!! Right before classes broke for spring break one of my classes was discussing standardized tests and the pros and cons of them. I will definitely be sharing this with my students. I am including the link to this wonderful blog and also the blog post below. Enjoy and then get outside and play!!!!!!

Maybe childhood should not be measured in test scores and percentiles but by:

the number of secret forts built,

the amount of nighttime stars counted,

the sounds of crackling campfires at night,

the stones that have been skipped,

the mudpies cooked,

the waves jumped,

the trails ran,

the insects inspected,

the butterflies caught,

and fishing lines cast.

Maybe childhood should be measured by the amount of:

puddles jumped,

trees climbed,

knees scraped,

balls thrown,

ducks fed,

sticks collected,

hills rolled down,

kites flown,

naps in the sunshine,

sandcastles built,

and crawdads caught.

Maybe childhood should feel like:

grass beneath toes,

snow beneath boots,

breeze in the hair,

jumping in high piles of fall leaves,

sunshine on the skin,

and raindrops on tongues.

Maybe test scores aren’t the best measure of our children’s childhood.

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