As our family has moved through our clean eating journey milk has remained a little bit of a mystery. Up to this point I have kind of ignored it, not yet ready to dive into the research and figure out the best type for our family. I have never been a big fan of milk. I’m a milk in my cereal kind of gal and that’s about it. When my son and daughter turned one and we made the switch to dairy we actually started them on Almond Milk. They had both had issues with lactose as infants and had been on special formula so we didn’t want to switch to straight dairy. My daughter has since transitioned to regular milk but my son still remains on Almond Milk, which he would drink one cup after the next all day if I let him. We also use Almond milk in our smoothies, we like the rich flavor it adds. When we made the switch to clean food I switched the rest of us over to organic milk. I have often wondered if there is a better option available. So I was thrilled when I jumped on line today and saw that “100 Days of Real Food” had done a post on the different types of milk. There is a lot of great information in this post and some wonderful resources for finding local milk in your area. You can find the link here and begin the process of deciding which milk option is best for your family.

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