Naturally Boosting Your Immune System-Hand Washing

Wash Hands and Skip the Antibacterial Soaps

Teaching our kids to wash their hands can be the first line of defense against yucky germs. I love that when my daughter’s Pre K class arrives at school they have to wash their hands. Anytime they go outside, to the potty or get ready for a snack they have to wash as well. They provide visuals for the kids to follow to learn how to properly wash their hands. We have taught out kids the steps to washing their hands at home. We always sing a song so that they know they have made enough bubbles to get their hands clean.

The type of soap you use can also make a difference. Surprisingly research is showing that antibacterial soaps may not be your best choice when it comes to soaps. I have to give props to Southern Illinois University School of Medicine for a study they published in Antibiotics-Past, Present, and Future. The study found that kids who use antibacterial soap actually get sick more often than those that don’t. I was so excited to see this article was from SIU, I’m a proud graduate of SIU(GO DAWGS).

We have a few different types of soaps that we like to use in place of antibacterial soaps. We use the Jason brand of natural bath produces. Also, Hugo Naturals and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Dry soap are good option. I switch it up at our house, depending on which ones I can get on sale. When they go on sale I stock up so we always have a backup.

Here is a link to a few suggestions for hand washing songs. Remember it can be any song your child loves. We usually sing the songs my daughter is learning at Pre K or the ABCs always work great.

Happy Hand Washing!!

Songs for Washing Your Hands

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