Fall Is In The Air


When the weather is nice each day the kids and I take a walk in the woods near our house. We are lucky enough to have woods and pasture near us to give us plenty of opportunity to explore. Today when we started out we had to put on sweatshirts and this is the sight that greeted us as we headed down the step lane. Fall is in the air!! I have to say fall is my absolute favorite time of year. Anne of Green Gable had it right when she said she would hate to live in a world without October. October brings a cool chill to the air in our part of the county which means sweatshirts, bon fires, leaves covering the ground, our local college football team is in full force and of course fall comfort foods. The kids and I have been experimenting with pumpkins over the past few weeks. We made a stew in a pumpkin a week ago that was amazing!! We are baking like crazy! Pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, the list goes on and on. Have I mentioned I love this time of year? So in honor of fall and all the yummy food we have baking/cooking at our house I will be sharing our favorite fall recipes so you can maybe try them in your homes. Happy October!!!!

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