Becoming Doctor Mom



The title “Becoming Doctor Mom” has so much meaning to me! I became a Doctor and a mom all at the same time. Both feats share a lot in common the PhD took nine years becoming a mom took nine months. They both included many sleepless nights, worry, hard work, and triumphs. However, parenthood has brought me so much more fulfillment then any degree could. In the two years since I had my first child I have had a life filled with love, laughter, creativity, fun, imagination, and some tears from my children and myself. Motherhood has brought me so many experiences that I wouldn’t trade for the world.  I felt like the education I received while obtaining my PhD had prepared me to be a mom, I have a Master’s degree in early childhood education after all, infants and toddlers are my people! However, being in the trenches of parenthood taught me that although I had a great deal of knowledge my children were going to teach me so much more than I ever learned sitting in a classroom. Infants and toddlers are still my people, I love every minute with my own two but I now approach parenthood with a more realistic view then I did as a freshly degreed Masters student. I love watching my little ones grow and develop and see all the knowledge I have learned over the years being played out in front of me. I will be the first to admit I am learning as I go just like every other parent out there. We have our good days and then we have our days when I am counting the minutes until I tuck their little sweet faces in bed and kiss them goodnight. Our education whether through books or real life is an evolution, so this blog is about my evolution as a parent and a professional. I hope that I can share my knowledge I have learned as an educator and a mom with you all but also I hope we can all learn from each other, after all moms we are in this together!!!