I have to admit I have a slight obsession with reading. It is an obsession I learned from my mom. I will read anything fiction, non fiction, articles, blogs etc. I used to read a great deal more then I do now. With two little ones under the age of two I spend most of my reading time reading such classics as The Little Blue Truck, Good Night Construction Site, Where the Wild Things Are and a million more children’s titles. When I do get a chance to catch a few minutes to read I savor every minute of it. I often read things that relate to early childhood and child development. 

I love the smell of a bookstore and the creak of a new book. I do own a Nook but prefer the real thing. This page is a place to share some of those resources with you. I hope that maybe some of the books and resources here will give you some ideas or inspiration. Please note that I do not endorse every single thing in these resources. I do however feel that each one is worth reading and thinking critically about. The links for the books will take you to Amazon, no endorsement, it is just the site I tend to order from, gotta love that free Prime shipping. I hope that you can find some helpful resources here that will make you stop and think or teach you something new. 

Keep watching the site it is constantly being updated. As I find new books or resources I will add them to the lists. So keep your hard hat handy because this page is always under construction. 


General Child Development, Parenting, Education 

1. Playful Learning: Develop Your Child’s Sense of Joy and Wonder By Mariah Bruehl


2. Mind in the Making: Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs 

By, Ellen Gallinsky 


In today’s world anyone can become a writer through the use of blogs. Blogs are a great way to share information with endless amounts of people. As educators and parents you can find so many great ideas to use in your classroom or with your own children. The possibilities are endless and the activities can be so much fun. This is a list of some of my favorite go to blogs for activities and resources. 

Activity Blogs 

Organizing Blogs

I have to admit I’m a bit of an organization junkie. I am constantly going through our house trying to find better ways to keep us organized. Whether it is is our closets or family command center I am always looking for ways to improve. These are some of my favorite blogs to help with this task. 

2. Just a Girl and Her Blog

Recipe Blogs 

As much as I love organizing and reading I also love to cook. My mom will tell you it is not a love I have had for very long. She loves to tell me how I had no interest in learning to cook while I was living at home. However, once I went away to college I soon learned being able to cook is a skill that comes in mighty handy. So over the past decade it is a skill I have worked to perfect. I have my favorite recipe blogs that are my go to resources for yummy food. Recently as our family has begun our whole food journey this list of resources has grown and changed. Many of my recipes I have taken from these great sites and tweaked to fit our needs. Enjoy!!! 

The Pioneer Women